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4 wheels good, 2 wheels better!

At Red Marlin, we’re no strangers to dealing with wheel-related challenges. Whether it’s advising major news outlets on tyre safety issues, educating workshops about the latest wheel servicing opportunities, or simply admiring championship winning motorsport classics that are about to go under the hammer, we’ve tackled them all.

But this summer, Red Marlin managing director Danny Rughoobeer will be taking on an entirely new two-wheeled challenge as he sets about completing a trio of century-long cycle rides in aid of charity.

“The achievements of Sir Wiggo, Cav and the rest of Team GB last year were quite remarkable,” comments Danny. “I found their exploits quite inspirational and consequently have set myself my own personal cycling challenge that will also benefit a couple of very worthy causes. I’m fairly confident about tackling the first two rides which are a 100km each but the final one will be 100 miles which is much further than I have ever ridden before.”

All three rides Danny will be tackling are part of the Action 100 Series ( which will help raise funds for research to help sick and disabled children. Furthermore, Danny has launched has own fundraising page which ( which will be used to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society.

“Dementia affects more than 800,000 people in the UK and can totally change your life, as my family has witnessed firsthand. My Gran, herself a keen cyclist in her youth, is sadly suffering from the disease so I’d like to try and raise as much as possible to help fund research which can go towards defeating this problem. Any support you’re able to give will be most gratefully appreciated.”

The first of Danny’s rides will take place on 28th April around Warwickshire and will be followed by rides on 23rd June and 15th September around the Chilterns and Buckinghamshire respectively.

To donate to Danny’s fundraising page visit

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