Give your campaign some klout

In the fast paced world of the digital age you would be forgiven for thinking that people have become oblivious to campaigns or issues that do not concern their own lives. People spend their time desensitised to the world around them, simply focussing on what they need to do and how they are going to do it.

In contrast the internet and the online world has made us, in some senses, more connected and aware than ever before. Through email, social media, blogs and traditional websites, information and therefore understanding and influence, spreads faster than ever before.

For PR professionals and businesses this has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to communicate messages further and wider. A sense of community can easily be created around an idea or product which is key to brand loyalty and continued sales success.

But the digital arena is not just proving successful in selling material goods. More importantly digital media has enhanced the ability to campaign, develop ideas and tackle issues. Those in the charity and not for profit sector ignore new media at their own peril. The digital world provides possibly the best opportunity to drive a campaign forward and get people to rally behind a cause, proving far more influential than traditional media.

Take the recent opposition to benefit changes. There were reels of column inches lambasting the Government’ actions but the real strength lay with the social media pages as well as blogs and websites. However the real headline grabber was the e-petition. Within a couple of days hundreds of thousands had signed it. The petition was shared between millions of people across various channels. This provided a focus for those involved in the campaign as well as for the public to have
their say and voice their disapproval. It also provided a hard measurable to assess the influence of the campaign.

Digital campaigning and marketing are now a vital part of a communications campaign. As such they should be fully integrated into your strategy. Each little piece of the digital puzzle, social media, blogs, e-petitions, should complement and support the other. Your organisation should be exploiting every avenue in this field. So don’t ignore the online world. Use it to its full advantage see your influence grow.

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