Need to make an impact? PR is still the way to go.

As some businesses continue to struggle you may consider cutting back on the marketing of your business and focus your investment in other sectors. But can you really afford to lose a voice and presence when the competition could be shouting louder and fighting harder than ever to attract new customers?

You may be tempted to splash out on an advertising campaign in order to drum up new business and attract customers? A well thought out ad campaign can have a positive impact on a business but more often than not any positive effects are short lived and the costs can spiral out of control.

But a sustained and imaginative PR campaign can pay dividends. It’s the difference between shouting at someone and having a conversation. Advertising may make a splash but PR will create the ripple effect. The subtle and out-of-the-ordinary approach should spark intrigue for a new customer making them keen to come back for more. Consumers are more cynical about advertising yet PR activities can nurture a more positive brand image.

But don’t just take our word for it. New business leaders and entrepreneurs understand the importance of engaging with all forms of media. James Watt and Martin Dickie, founders of the beer brand, BrewDog epitomise a new generation of businesses exploiting all the opportunities that are now available with new forms of media. The company have become famous for their innovative and unusual PR stunts engaging with their market on a more personal level. Watt said BrewDog could not compete with the marketing muscle of the big brewers and had no plans to invest in traditional advertising. The duo even said that they ‘would rather burn their money than pay for advertising’.

Creative, professional and high-quality public relations will raise your profile in a cost-effective manner. And it’s simply not a case of writing a few press releases. An integrated campaign which spans online, digital, print and broadcast, is the way to engage effectively with prospective new customers and markets.

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