Classic Cars

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DB5, XJS, 300SL, 6R4, Pallas, RUF… we know what you’re talking about, we speak the classic car language. 

From specialist dealers and auction houses to insurers and classic car products, this world of passionate enthusiasts, collectors and investors is a hive of expertise and activity.

With many years’ experience working in the classic car sector we have an extensive professional network of journalists, editors, broadcasters and influencers in the UK and around the globe.

From promoting private collections for sale and managing global PR activity for high profile auction houses, we have extensive knowledge of classic cars from across the eras having worked with some of the most famous and iconic cars in the world.

We also work with many of the UK’s automotive events, from sponsorship leverage to working on the ground at the NEC, Silverstone circuit and beyond.

See our case studies below for examples of our work in the classic car sector.

Classic Cars

Case studies

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