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March PR Award

This month’s PR award goes to a company whose products many of us can only dream of owning, Rolls-Royce.

Not that the company needs anything in the form of a PR boost. The luxury carmaker delivered 3,630 cars to customers in 2013, a 1.5% increase on 2012 and an all-time record. But Inside Rolls-Royce, broadcast on Channel 4, offered a rare glimpse into the awe-inspiring world of one of Britain’s finest marques and only served to add even more sparkle to the brand.

Covering a range of topics from the lives of those on the shop floor to the customers who buy the cars, and, as if to further justify the huge sums of money asked for its cars, the programme showcased their fastidious commitment to absolute perfection that the car maker demands.

What could have turned out to be a fairly dull fly on the wall documentary actually left the viewer with a great amount of respect for the company and quite possibly sparked even more interest from a new range of customers for these wonderful cars.

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