Brand targeting? Nissan’s got it covered

Over the past few years something special has been going on at Nissan. Once a maker of incredibly dull hatches, MPVs and family saloons, (bar the mad, bad GTR) it’s new automotive offerings are interesting, funky and good looking.

Models like the Juke and Qashqai, one of Britain’s best selling cars, perfectly appeal to young urbanites as well as families.

It’s not simply through new styling or advertising that Nissan has managed to achieve this. The brand has created highly targeted, focused PR and social media campaigns aimed at engaging with precisely the new buyers that are taking ownership of their new cars.

Seemingly small campaigns seem to be winning over new fans. Just recently it was announced that drivers could be part of motoring history by naming Nissan’s “amber” paint option on their new X-Trail.

Motorists have been asked to submit ideas for the new name via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ColourOfAdventure.

To get the public even more excited about the arrival of their new model, entrants are also being encouraged to share a picture which represents what adventure means to them.

So when launching a radical new product or service take the time to think about how the market you want to connect with consume information. It could just make the difference between good sales and great sales.

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