Why awards should be part of your 2020 strategy

The simple answer is because the Red Marlin team are experts in this field and can help your company get the recognition it deserves. However, the team have made me promise not to include any sales BS in this blog, so here goes…


I want to take you back to the early/mid 1990s, when I wore short trousers to school along with a flat cap, at a jaunty angle. Sports day was one of my favourite days of the year simply because I won every race – this continued for only the first three years of my school career, then I discovered food, got fat and started to lose. I have been the same ever since!

But anyway, my point is I loved it, and I loved the awards even more. Now though, as a dad myself, I have learnt that it isn’t only the winners of sports day races that get awards. The kids that take part also get a ‘well done for taking part award’. In my day there was none of this (‘it is the taking part that counts’) nonsense. And it is much the same with industry awards.

There are awards and then there are awards. By this I mean there are the prestigious awards that add value to your business and help give it added credibility. And then there are the cash cows – but even these look good in your trophy cabinet in the office reception.

But, providing you go for the right awards they are great for your career, your team and your business, and should definitely be part of your strategy in 2020, here’s why:

Recognise and reward your team

There are lots of ways to recognise the hard-working efforts of your team but rarely awards are considered. For team leaders getting director buy-in for team bonuses or team away days can be challenging, but putting their work forward for an award is one of the highest praises a boss can give.


Building credibility for your brand

It goes without saying that having a prestigious award behind you will set your brand apart from its competitors and in the long run make your job (and the sales team) easier. There are few better opening lines when describing your business then a Queen’s Award Winner for Excellence or a top 10 UK Employer.

Building credibility for you and your team

Let’s not be too British for a second and be honest, we would all like a bit of self-promotion and being able to demonstrate on your CV that you have been instrumental in securing the company’s first major award will hold merit when going for the next step up on the career ladder – for both you and your team members.


Creation of new news and free marketing

Us PRs know it can be challenging for organisations to find new news stories to talk about regularly due to a number of reasons – such as commercial sensitivity, a quiet period, danger of saturating journalists with too many press releases etc, but winning an award will give you an opportunity to create some internal and external content around this which, providing it is quality content, will be of interest to your stakeholders. Often the award organisers will help widen the audience you communicate this with. Providing free marketing.

Talent attraction and client retention

Everyone likes a winner. It gives confidence to your brand that resonates with new talent and with clients. No one wants to work with a loser, do they?!


So, to summarise, if you have completed your 2020 communications strategy and awards aren’t part of it then I’d urge you to think again about the true value awards could bring to your business.

Finally (just because it is too good an opportunity to miss – here’s the sell) if you need any advice or support in to enter an award submission do get in touch with us as we may be able to help.

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