Videos- They won’t watch themselves

Videos are now an essential part of a successful content marketing and PR strategy. The very best will be viewed thousands of times and shared across multiple social media platforms.

Some of the best examples are often mini movies in their own right, with subtle mentions of brand, essentially created to engage and audience or start a conversation, usually online. Think back to Wren fashion’s First Kiss video, or from the automotive world Ford’s Valentine’s Day Mustang video, both exciting, incredibly engaging with clear hooks to its particular audience, yet very subtle. These videos were so successful that they even generated their own PR coverage worldwide.

The term viral has gone mainstream and we can’t remember the amount of times a client has asked for a video they want to ‘go viral’, but so many businesses forget that a successful video campaign isn’t just about creating a video and posting it on YouTube. It’s important to properly plan a strategy on how to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible, especially if the subject matter is niche.

So we’ve put together a few tips to make sure your videos, whether they’re big budget beauties of something a little simpler, are effective in driving awareness of your brand.

1.    Post on your website- By giving visitors great content on your site they’re more likely to return and view other pages.

2.    Pitch into media- Media outlets crave video content these days. Why not pitch your video into your relevant media contacts with a press release or other written content?

3.    Post on social media- One of the simplest ways to increase those views. And don’t forget to boost with paid for advertising.

4.    Send in your e-newsletter-  Directly engage with your customers and offer them something interesting to view in their inbox.

Here at Red Marlin we’ve helped many automotive businesses produce engaging video content. From a classic car auction buying guide with Quentin Willson, to a tyre safety spoof music video with TyreSafe.

If you need some creative advice and help in creating videos that will be viewed thousands of times over then get in touch. You can call us on 01926 832395 or email us on

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