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Tweeting: Are you a weekend warrior?

According to recent research, it would appear that the timing of a tweet can be just as significant as its content. Of course, we’re not saying that what you say is not vitally important, but to maximise the reach of your tweet you should also consider when best to send it.

To help, consider this:

Day of the week – according to the research findings,  Tweets get the most attention towards the end of the week and at weekends, so ignore Friday, Saturday and Sunday at your peril!

On the subject of tweeting, UK research also suggests that Twitter is fast becoming the most popular channel for journalists, the one they would prefer to maintain a profile in for professional purposes.

It is also the channel they would prefer to be contacted on, making it the obvious choice for the most successful PR pitches.

Red Marlin has particular expertise in social media and is involved in several successful Twitter campaigns on behalf of its clients.

If your business needs a social media boost, why not give us a call on 01926 333245, email or send a Tweet to @RedMarlinUK to see how we can help.

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