Wishing you a cracking Easter!

If there’s one thing the team at Red Marlin enjoys, then it’s a 24 carrot pun and Easter is chock-a-block with these.

So we thought there’s no chickening out and filled our latest blog with some hot-cross puns, although you might think some are really hare today, gone tomorrow.

Indeed, it’s no yolk to say it was a little bit harder than we first thought so it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. On the bright side we didn’t have to shell out on anything and we were egged-on to do it.

We hope ewe don’t think we’ve put all our eggs in one basket with this blog and we could rabbit on but let’s finish here as we don’t want to make you hopping mad.

However, if you can think of anymore egg-celent puns then come out of your shell, spring into action and let us know.

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