Microphones interview

As the Scout’s say….be prepared!

So you’ve done the hard part and managed to secure a media interview. What next?

Preparation is everything when it comes to press interviews. At Warwickshire-based specialist PR agency Red Marlin, we’ve helped dozens of automotive clients prepare for their time in the spotlight so before your next 15 minutes of fame, take a look at our interview tips to help you prepare and make the most of the opportunity.

Before to the interview:

  • Research the publication, its audience, the article and the interviewer
  • Be clear about your objective
  • Have answers prepared both for questions you and wouldn’t like to be asked
  • Develop more than one message

During the interview:

  • Have a positive attitude – offer solutions
  • Have evidence to support your answers
  • Be concise
  • Don’t say anything you don’t want published – nothing is off the record
  • Don’t guess – if you don’t know the answer say so, refer to a colleague or offer to go back with the information

After the interview:

  • Avoid asking to see the article before publication as the journalist will feel you’re questioning their integrity
  • Tell the journalist if you like what’s been written as they will be more likely to deal with you again
  • If you don’t like what’s been written then don’t overreact. Concentrate on ways of ensuring the right message is delivered next time

If you’d like a little more advice before your next moment of fame, then why not give us a call on 01926 333245, email or send a Tweet to @RedMarlinUK. We’d be happy to help!

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