Take a look at this! Promoting your business with original content

TV subscription services now form an everyday part of our media consumption habits. But just a few years ago services like Netflix or Amazon Video were used by the few rather than the many. For some audiences it has also probably come as a surprise how these services have moved in on the arena of traditional TV broadcasters in producing their own content and original programming.

Take The Grand Tour as an ‘Amazon Prime’ example. Jezza, Hammond and May spurned the traditional broadcasters following their Top Gear fallout with the BBC, instead opting for a truly global platform where they had the freedom to let the ideas go wild.

Netflix recently announced record numbers of subscribers in spite of a business gamble. Hundreds of movies disappeared from Netflix in 2016, the result of the streaming service’s decision to move to its own original content. And it’s clearly paid off.

The fact of the matter is that nowadays if the idea is exciting and connects with audiences, they will come to watch or read or share, no matter what platform it is on.

The growth of the internet and particularly the rise of smartphones means that the majority have full digital access in the palm of their hand, and there has arguably never been a better time for businesses big or small to engage with audiences and build a brand.

Videos, GIFs, photography, memes, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, all presented through websites or social media are the modern day marketing tools that will make your brand stand out amongst the competition and get people talking.

Creative ideas that promote businesses in a subtle way have always been the foundation of a good marketing or PR agency. Now, more than ever, there are huge opportunities to engage with customers, so like Netflix or The Grand Tour boys be bold and utilise a new PR and marketing strategy based on entertainment and creativity.

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