Red Marlin’s not so foolish campaign!?

Leamington Spa based public relations agency Red Marlin is campaigning to give the 1st of every month the same status as April Fools’ Day.

In a far too serious world, it believes that one day every month given over to practical jokes and hoaxes will have huge economical and social benefits.

Indeed, it’s a proven fact that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so lifting the spirits with jokes and tomfoolery can only have a positive outcome.

And with increased productivity comes economic benefits to individual businesses and the UK as a whole.

Not only this, a day of merry making on the 1st of every month will bring work colleagues closer together and encourage a spirit of competition as staff outbid to do each other with more and more outlandish pranks every four weeks or so.

Moreover, the proven benefits of laughter include (and these are just a few):

Reduced stress levels

Better memory

Improved immune system (so less days off work!)

Happier mood

Burns calories

Regulates blood pressure

So, as you can see, what’s not to like about having the 1st of every month, from January through to December, as an official day of jokes, gags, jests and all-round good fun.

If you ‘seriously’ want to support the ‘campaign’, then we’d love to hear from you!

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