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What has seemed like the longest of Presidential election campaigns is finally over, and if, over here in Blighty, you felt swamped hearing speeches from the two candidates, just think how the poor Yanks felt!

In the end there could only be one winner and Barack Obama secured a second term in spite of some very gloomy economic figures and politically divided nation.

This Presidential race saw huge amounts of cash being spent amounting to billions of dollars, as well as record numbers of TV adverts, phone calls, social media posts and leaflets being forced through mailboxes. The PR, marketing and communications campaigns conducted by each of the parties had both there ups and downs.

The strategists on both sides employed every method they could to secure the crown for their man, a blitzkrieg style of marketing that often only ever alienates the groups you are trying to appeal to.

The Republican team clearly failed in terms of their PR and marketing strategy. It appeared that not a day went by where a member of the party would commit an embarrassing or offensive gaffe. Mitt Romney’s visit to London just prior to the Olympic Games is testament to this. The trip was a PR disaster and severely damaged any attempts to create the image of a world leader.

The Democratic team too had their problems. The negativity and nastiness of the campaigning, practiced by both sides, was at odds with Obama’s image and indeed the platform that he campaigned with in 2008.

This election should have seen an easy ride for Romney up Pennsylvania Avenue to the doors of the White House given the economic situation. No incumbent has managed to hold onto the Presidency with such a bad fiscal scenario since Franklin D Roosevelt. Even with the best agency in the business that sort of thing is hard to put a positive spin on.

So why the failure? The Republicans problem is that they failed to engage with a new audience, repeating the same discourse to a changing population, hoping that the country would come to its senses and shoehorn Obama out of Washington. An inability to listen to the market beyond your core and adapt to new ideas will always cause problems.

If there are any lessons to be taken from the election it’s that understanding your audience and a positive, subtle approach to your communications is the always the best way to get your message across.

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