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PR Hits & Misses

Boyband members, space agencies and t-shirts; it’s been a strange week for PR Hits and Misses. But here’s our pick of the best stunts and worst bloopers.





A great little piece of PR from the space bods at NASA which made a British schoolboy’s day. When Lucas Whiteley, from West Yorkshire, recorded three questions for the space agency Nasa research engineer Ted Garbeff recorded a YouTube response, thanking Lucas for his questions and even giving him a virtual tour of a base in California. Who would have thought those science types would come up with such great ideas!


Doncaster Rovers

Doncaster Rovers

The oldest trick in the book it may be but celebrity clearly sells. This week Doncaster Rovers brought on a special substitute in a reserve team match in order to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. Normally a few hundred fans turn up at the games, this one attracted over 5,000!


Mobile Phone Apps


Another story of a motorist/cyclist/pedestrian misguided by the sat-nav this week when a cyclist was caught on the M25 trying to find a shorter route to work. The cause? Blindly following his phone’s sat-nav app.



Adidas Brazil

Adidas came under fire from around the globe this week and was forced to pull two raunchy T-shirts that the sports company was selling in the run up to the World Cup. The Brazilian government complained that they associated the country with sexual tourism.


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