On target? How to make your PR provide the best ROI

Wondering why your business’s PR and marketing activities aren’t providing the best ROI? You may as well throw your money down the drain if there isn’t a proper strategy behind your PR activities.

Good PR isn’t just a question of shouting the loudest. At Red Marlin we prefer a more measured approach. The key is to understand your target market, the media those consumers engage with and therefore building connections with journalists who write for these publications. It’s not rocket science but so many get it wrong. A scatter-gun approach will not work in the long run. This simply wastes precious time and money. Every penny, regardless of budget size, should be made to count.

Building relationships with relevant journalists is vital to long-term PR success. Public relations are all about managing these relationships and at Red Marlin we’ve built up an intimate network of automotive industry contacts from our base in Warwickshire in areas across the spectrum such as trade, consumer, classic cars and technology.

Knowing who and where to place news with is hugely important. Understanding the media environment, the wider industry and the news that these journalists want to hear will see your press releases find the right home.

It’s about quality over quantity. It’s all very well counting the endless streams of column inches but you’ve wasted your precious time if those outlets aren’t relevant to your target market. Targeting small trade publications, relevant to your market, may provide you more clout than a national newspaper.

So take a step back and reassess your marketing communications and make sure the PR has a point. Don’t be afraid of the softly, softly approach. It could be the most effective way of spreading your business message.

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