Powerful publicity that money can’t buy

If you want to highlight the very real money saving features of a product or service then an obvious target will be an impartial source where people go to find the best deals and offers.

So as part of a sustained marketing communications programme for our client Autogas Limited, the UK’s leading supplier of automotive LPG which offers substantially cheaper motoring than either petrol or diesel, Red Marlin approached one of the leading price comparison websites with a simple proposition – let them test drive an LPG powered car for a week and see how it compares to petrol and diesel while enjoying savings on their fuel costs.

Of course, there’s the risk they might not see things in such ‘rose tinted’ glasses but as long as you have faith in your product or service, then putting it under third-party scrutiny should be welcomed.

After all, what do you think holds more sway with potential customers – a paid for advert or an in-depth feature written independently from a respected authority (and with all the follow-up opportunities that provides)?

In this particular case it was high-profile on-line exposure on the price comparison website, which included two lengthy articles, further social media activity and even an unbiased video.

The cost for Autogas Limited was minimal, but what a payback!

Indeed, before embarking on such a project think about what your goals are, the message you have and who you want to reach. In this instance the price comparison website ticked all the right boxes. The goal was to highlight awareness of autogas LPG, the message was to say how much money motorists could potentially save by converting to the cheaper fuel and the audience was savvy consumers already looking at various ways to save money.

It’s important to appreciate that your story needs a hook or a news angle, that it will be of interest to the target audience.

Meanwhile, it’s also critical to understand that the editorial staff you’re likely to deal with have a hundred and one other things on their plate so you need to make life as easy as possible. Answer any questions they have promptly and correctly first time and if you are arranging to deliver something (such as a car) then work to their schedule and not the other way round.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, explained: “While we know the benefits of autogas LPG because we work with it every day, it’s sometimes easy to forget that some motorists have yet to learn about it.

“High-profile and independent exposure, such as that on the price comparison website, adds tremendous value to our message of converting more drivers to the cheaper and greener fuel.”

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