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Keep your profile ‘hot’ in the heat wave

It may only turn out to be short lived, but the current mini heat wave is definitely putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

What’s also guaranteed to get a wide grin is some positive PR, so while others are basking in the sun, why not generate some interest in your business with some news that is ‘hot’ off the press!

Think about what’s newsworthy, something that will generally interest the wider public. Perhaps it’s a new product launch, a business anniversary or milestone, the recruitment of new staff – anything that portrays your company in a positive light.

Turn it around and ask yourself what you finding interesting to read, what makes you want to know more?

To help, Red Marlin has comprised a short list of PR pitfalls for you to avoid:

  1. Don’t trash the competition. Instead highlight the positives about yourself.
  2. Avoid industry jargon. When in doubt, keep it simple.
  3. Avoid sending your press release to more than one reporter in the same office. It smacks of a lack of homework.
  4. Resist the temptation to overhype. If it’s not life changing then don’t pretend it is.
  5. Is it newsworthy? Journalists will quickly spot an advert dressed up as a news story.

If you need help developing some hot news, then why not give us a call on 01926 333245 or email

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