How future vehicle trends should be shaping your PR strategy

Flying cars, electric vehicles, self-driving transportation…the list goes on. 

Whether these trends are now part of everyday life or are still in the realms of science fiction, one thing is sure, and that is developments in automotive technology are advancing at a faster rate than ever before. 

Below are just some of the areas that will increasingly be a key battleground in the coming years and that could help shape, or simply influence, your own PR strategy. 

Future fuels 

Within years it won’t be possible to buy a new petrol or diesel car in the UK as sales will be banned. 

Most manufacturers are now ploughing their manufacturing, and marketing, efforts into low carbon vehicles, the most high-profile being electric vehicles (EVs). 

While uptake of EVs is impressive, they are still in their infancy, allowing scope for new messaging and strategic positioning.  

It also means there’s new opportunities to be associated with more environmentally friendly vehicles than with traditionally powered petrol and diesel models, whose days are now numbered. 

How we drive 

Self-driving cars is one of those areas where the realms of science fiction actually look like becoming reality. 

The timeline for fully autonomous self-driving cars is still a matter of great debate, however it will take place in stages as each level of technical development is advanced. 

Meanwhile, how we drive at present is fast changing from what it used to be. It’s not just a case of filling the tank and heading from A to B. 

From the introduction of motorway toll roads, to pay-per-mile car insurance, to charging electric vehicles at service stations, to paying congestion charges and obeying Clean Air Zones, the UK roadmap has quite literally changed beyond recognition in recent years. 

These changes will continue at pace, especially as public opinion as to how we travel post-lockdown becomes reality, and those at the cutting-edge of these transformations will be shaping a brave new world. 

How we buy 

The truth is that ‘buying’ a car is just one of many, many options open to the motoring public, which now also has alternatives such as leasing and PCP deals, and that’s not even to mention those who drive a company car and the myriad of financial packages available to them. 

In the meantime, the process of deciding which car to own has shifted dramatically, whether it’s virtual showrooms, searching for a car through an app on a phone, taking a test drive without a salesperson also in the vehicle, etc. 

The good news is that the plethora of ownership options, and the wider implications of future mobility and the overall transport system, such as increased cooperation between transport planners, operators and users to capitalise on advanced technologies, provides a treasure-chest of opportunities for those in the sector, already with an eye on the next big thing. 

Look to the future 

Red Marlin is proud to have worked with automotive organisations at the forefront of technological development and car ownership.

If you also would like to benefit from oupublic relations expertise, including media relations, digital content and strategy development, then please email and we’ll be in touch. 

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