Heads up for a great headline

Coming from a journalistic background, there’s nothing I like better than writing (or reading) a witty headline.

Indeed, headlines sell newspapers, so a great headline can make or break a story.

‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster’ from The Sun in 1986 is no doubt a classic.

Other headlines are more infamous but still live long in the memory. After all, who can forget The Sun’s ‘Gotcha’ in 1982 following the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano in The Falklands War.

Meanwhile, BBC style guide for on-line journalists states: ‘If a headline is longer than six words, stop and think again.’

While my own efforts are not comparable to the best our tabloids offer, I do have some which I’m particularly proud of.

For long-term client Autogas I once penned ‘Expressley Pets reduces its carbon ‘paw-print’’ when a pet transporting business converted to LPG.

Likewise for AutoGas, can you possibly guess what the story is behind the headline ‘Mr Cabbie enjoys the ‘hire’ ground’!

More recently for AlloyGator who have a patented special design to protect alloy wheels from kerb damage, I got inspiration for the Los Angeles Police Department with the headline ‘Alloygator – to protect and serve alloy wheels’.

I agree these might not have made it to print if I worked in Fleet Street but they still make me chuckle, yet still sum up the story in an accurate manner.

If you have any favourite headlines you’d like to send us then we’d love to hear from you (although there’s no prize for the best one!)

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