How a global brand like BMW maintains brand presence online

The social media and online landscape is ever-evolving. Latest figures show that there are over 3.7 billion internet users worldwide; nearly half of the world’s population. Brands know that the online audience is only going to get bigger. But a greater audience brings greater competition, with brands all vying for attention across a number of platforms.

So how does a brand like BMW, one of the most recognisable and respected automotive manufacturers in the world, ensure that their brand is as strong online as it has been offline throughout its history?

Consistency is key. For brands such as BMW, keeping a consistent style across multiple platforms goes a long way to creating a strong presence online. With operations in a number of countries, keeping consistent can be a challenge. Let’s take a look…

BMW websites


BMW Germany

As we can see, design and styling across BMW’s websites is very similar. They use the same bank of images across all of their websites, so that users become familiar with the brand and its styling. The layouts of the websites are also very similar, so that users get the same experience no matter which region they are in.

BMW Social Media

BMW Global



Again, BMW do a great job of maintaining a consistent style across a number of different social media accounts. Using imagery from the same asset bank ensures that BMW’s followers, no matter which account they follow, are getting a consistent message from the brand.

The imagery used on social media is also the same as the one used on BMW’s corporate websites. So wherever customers are touching base with BMW, they are getting the same consistent brand messaging.

This may seem simple, but we have seen many examples of businesses losing control of their brand online. The importance of a maintaining a consistent style cannot be underestimated, and contributes largely to a strong brand presence online.

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