One for the road?

With our involvement in many road safety campaigns, the opening of the first pub at a motorway services today with its prospect of drink driving certainly caught our attention.

It’s widely accepted that alcohol and driving don’t mix so it does come as a bit of a surprise that a license was granted in the first place. I guess supporters of the move will argue that it gives passengers an opportunity to have ‘one for the road’ or that it’s no different to the hundreds of petrol stations across the UK that now sell alcohol alongside loaves of bread, cakes and an ever diversified and bizarre array of tat. No doubt the pub owners themselves will trot out the ‘giving our customers what they want’ rhetoric designed to gain public support.

But isn’t this just ill-thought out commercialism? Not wishing to come across as a kill joy or anti-capitalist, but surely the small amount that the pub is going to make from serving a slightly warm glass of chardonnay to a coach load of OAPs trying to obliterate the prospect of another week in Torquay simply doesn’t justify the risk of just one driver having his judgment impaired with fatal consequences.

Wouldn’t the company be better served to make a stand against drink driving? How about a campaign which backs up an ethical stance, gaining them some genuine and deserved customer support?

For me the risks and consequences are far too great and despite being a fairly regular visitor to these services, I for one, will continue with my liquid refreshments from Costa. I hope you’ll do the same.

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