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Choose your friends wisely

The current security issues facing the Olympics’ organisers and the government are the most recent in a long list of poor partner choices.

From dodgy press secretary’s to expensive IT projects the government’s track record on outsourcing isn’t great.

However the on-going troubles do provide some food for thought.

The problems highlight the importance of choosing the right people to work with and that biggest doesn’t necessarily mean best.

And that particularly goes for dealing with your marketing and communications.

Publicity for your business should be a key priority so make sure it’s a winning team that helps your business go for gold.

Here at Red Marlin we want to get to know your business inside out. We are an enthusiastic and professional bunch who are sure to provide you with a dynamic service and help you achieve your objectives.

With our expertise in communication and strategy development, especially in the automotive sector, we can help businesses all over the country to the top of the podium.

To see what Red Marlin can do for you contact us on 01926 333245, email us or send us a tweet @RedMarlinUK

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