Benefits of entering an award

Entering the right business award can have multiple benefits for your organisation, whether your business is firmly established and employs hundreds of staff or if it has just started out and you are a sole trader.

Here’s why entering an appropriate award is good for your business, whether you win or not.

It helps increase positive brand awareness. Being associated with a respected business award provides plenty of opportunities to maximise your own publicity before and after the awards ceremony, whether that’s through social media activity or traditional public relations.

One example includes being able to use the judges’ comments in future publicity material, through social channels and on your website.

Of course, if you win an actual award then it presents new opportunities to highlight your success and potentially open new doors for you to explore.

Organisers also appreciate that businesses have taken the time and effort to enter an award and will often reward those entering with future editorial opportunities on their website or publication.

Entering an award is also good as it can act as an internal audit of your business. It lets you reflect on what you are doing and see what’s being done well and what’s being done not so well.

It also demonstrates how you stand out against your competitors, benchmarking you against others and adds extra credibility to your business through third party endorsement.

Everyone loves a pat on the back and winning a business award can help boost staff morale (and not just for those attending the actual awards dinner!). It allows you to thank staff and recognise the hard work they put in every day, making your business the success that it is.

Additionally, being seen as a winning business could help attract new talent or even new funding, if that is required.

Networking opportunities are aplenty when entering an award. No doubt the awards ceremony itself is a great chance to meet other winning businesses and the credibility of being shortlisted can also present opportunities to speak with industry leaders.

Winning an award can also lead to speaking opportunities in front of key target audiences.

So while entering an award should be done so with the aim of winning, it should be remembered that it provides plenty of positive reasons for all those taking part.

Red Marlin has prepared many winning award submissions for its clients. If you’d like to know more then please email or call 01926 832395.

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