Stay focused and be picture perfect

Now more than ever, a visually strong and interesting photo is essential to grab the attention, just look at the rapid growth of Pinterest and Instagram.

While these aren’t hard news websites the same truths still hold true when it comes to taking a great photo wherever it might appear and whatever the subject matter is, from automotive to human interest.

Of particular interest to us is that a good picture can either take a news story to another level or leave it struggling among the mediocre.

Although most of us think we’ve got a David Bailey hiding in us somewhere just bursting to get out, the actual sad truth is that a lot of us are pretty useless with a camera. Point and click, hoping that what develops is OK, is the best we can hope for.

Of course, modern technology is a great aid, whether it’s incredibly easy-to-use (some would say idiot proof) digital cameras or the accompanying software which can work magic to transform even the worst photos.

However, while make extra work after the event when just a few simple steps at the time of the photo can be taken.

Here are five tips to make you picture perfect:

  • Don’t always place your subject in the centre of the frame
  • Use your flash even in the day time
  • Combine objects in the frame
  • Learn the ‘rule of thirds’


  • Take lots of pictures – practice makes perfect

These are just a few very basic pointers but just like with anything in life, the more you hone your skills then the better you will get.

And while we at Red Marlin in Leamington Spa, Wariwckshire, particularly pride ourselves on our word skills, even we’ll concede that sometimes a great photo is worth a thousand words.


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