Credit: Geneva International Motor Show 2017

Sports cars, SUVs and electric power- What we learnt from Geneva 2017

The great and the good of the automotive industry descended on Geneva this week to showcase their latest offerings to Europe and the World.

As usual there were some big reveals at the show, with plenty gasps and swooning from motoring media. And who can blame them. This year’s Geneva show highlights just how exciting the automotive market is at the moment, not just for petrol heads, but all car buyers.

Alpine A110

The relaunch of heritage brands like Alpine, a company many have never heard of and who even few thought would return to the market, shows that manufacturers are willing to take a risk and offer dream cars to a select few die-hard fans.

A host of hard-core performance models were revealed, like a brand new Civic Type R and an updated Porsche 911 GT3 with the option of a manual ‘box. With this manufacturers are listening to motoring enthusiasts and providing them with their ideal offering and perceived driving perfection.

Honda Civic Type R

For the wider buying public, there has never been so much choice of quality cars to choose from. The rise of the SUV shows no sign of stopping. But where once many in the industry and wider commentators were disheartened by this, OEMs upped their game and now the sheer choice of SUVs is astonishing and to be applauded.

Alternatively fuelled cars still haven’t fully cracked the market, but where once it appeared to be the ‘softening’ of the motoring world, manufacturers are producing exciting cars, like Mercedes’ AMG GT concept, and more real world options that are clearly appealing to buyers, especially if the latest sales figures are anything to go buy.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

There seems to be no limit to the imagination of designers and manufacturers are filling model niches that car fans used to only dream of. In spite of continued challenges and potential future problems, it really is a great time to be a part of the industry and an even better time to be petrol head, so we at Red Marlin can only congratulate the industry on another vintage showing.

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