Preparing for a press visit

Preparing for a press visit

There may be many reasons for a press visit.

On a positive note it could be in connection to a press release that’s just been issued, your organisation is celebrating an anniversary, your company did something newsworthy or that you’re considered an expert in your field.

Unfortunately, there may also be times because of something negative that’s happened, possibly a customer complaint or pending legal action.

Almost inevitably a press visit will involve a media interview, whether that’s TV, radio or print.

And the same truths still hold true whether it’s a positive or negative occasion if an interview is part of the process.

Preparation is key, leave no stone unturned so that when the interview starts you’ll be as prepared as possible for any eventuality.

To help, here’s five tips to make your interview a success:

•Write out possible interview questions and your answers to them
•Expect the unexpected. Practice answering even the most uncomfortable questions
•Dress the part. You’re representing your organisation so better to overdress than underdress (and that even includes radio interviews!)
•Don’t bluff. If you don’t know the answer to a question then say so. It’s better that than to say something that is inaccurate or poorly thought out. There may always be the opportunity to provide the information later on.
•Keep things simple. Assuming it’s not for the most technical or specialist publication, then don’t give an overcomplicated drawn out answer when just a few straight-forward words will do.

If your organisation has a press visit or media interview on the horizon then don’t hesitate to contact Red Marlin to see how we can help make it a success.

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