PR works, and here’s the evidence

In the digital age of social media, influencers and direct marketing it could be argued that the need for good media relations and PR is limited.

There is now a wealth of opportunities to speak, and sell, directly with customers so why go through the media to publicise your business?

However, to ignore the continuing power of the press and media would be naïve. PR is still a vital tool for marketing a business and creating and nurturing a brand image. Done in the right way it can pay dividends.

Take Brad Pitt for example. Following his split from Angelina, reports of abuse and a custody battle it’s fair to say that his image had been tarnished. After some time out of the spotlight Pitt decided to tell his side of the story. So what outlet did he choose to do this? An intimate Instagram post? A Facebook Live video? YouTube or Twitter? No, it was good old fashioned print press.

Speaking in the latest issue of GQ Style, Pitt revealed he has quit drinking and started therapy to help him get through his divorce from Jolie. His interview with the magazine marks the first time the actor has spoken publicly about the split. And the result? Positive headlines published around the world and a seemingly big ‘welcome back’ from the showbiz community.

But you don’t have to be a big Hollywood celeb for good, targeted PR to work for you. Just recently the Red Marlin team arranged a piece of coverage for our client in a specialist aerospace publication. This was read by a senior figure of the industry in the US who wanted to find out more about our client’s business and has subsequently invited them to a networking opportunity at one of the world’s most important air shows.

Digital and traditional media can and should be working hand in hand to provide results for your business.

During late April, we produced a video interview with the business development manager of our client Autogas, an LPG fuel supplier. This video, discussing the merits of LPG in tackling current air pollution problems, was posted on Facebook and Twitter. As well as being seen directly by its customers, the Autogas video was seen by the team at ITV News who promptly got in touch to arrange a news item for an upcoming national prime time news feature.

So if you were in any doubt that quality, intelligent and targeted PR and media relations would provide limited success for your business, perhaps think again.

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