Increased new car sales

Making 2015 a prosperous New Year

Despite the recent economic recovery, 2014 proved to be quite a roller coaster year for the automotive aftermarket. Mergers, closures and a variety of other surprises meant that the sector was kept on its toes and the pages of the trade press were kept brimming with news.

While it’s impossible to predict what 2015 holds in store, we can be sure that unless aftermarket businesses continue to market themselves effectively, they could be in for a bumpy ride themselves.

In the last few days we’ve seen reports of record sales of new cars, which is obviously great news. Consumer confidence it appears has returned, with credit more accessible and big ticket items such as cars being purchased in huge numbers.

However, for 2015 to be an ongoing success, aftermarket businesses need to ensure they don’t neglect their marketing and PR activities throughout the year. In May, we’ll have the next general election and no matter who wins, it’s highly likely that they will have to make some tough economic decisions and even deeper austerity measures are likely to be introduced.

Aftermarket businesses shouldn’t ignore this prospect and should carefully consider how the public will react to such cuts. Will new car sales nosedive? Will motorists wait even longer before having their vehicles serviced? Will they specify cheaper, non-OE parts?

Among the uncertainty there are a couple of things which are crystal clear. Firstly, aftermarket businesses must work harder than ever to provide exceptional value and high levels of customer service. They should continue to develop innovative ways to help customers. But perhaps even more importantly, they need to invest heavily into marketing their business effectively and communicating with customers. Such investment will pay dividends as it will help to keep your business front of mind and ahead of the competition, securing valuable new and repeat business.

If your aftermarket business is in need of some help with its marketing and communications, then why not give us a call to discuss how our experienced team can help ensure that no matter what happens in the wider economy, 2015 is prosperous year for you and your business.

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