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Good communications provides ‘fuel for thought’

I bet George Osborne wishes he’d heard of Red Marlin in Leamington Spa!

Just look at the PR fiasco that surrounded the government’s decision this week to postpone the planned 3p fuel duty increase.

To some, instead of basking in the good news for motorists, Osborne, his ministers and the government were damaged as to how the statement was made, with speculation rife before the official announcement.

Indeed, some Tory MPs were said be furious that they had been told to defend the government’s decision not to delay the fuel rise until a few hours before it was reversed.

So what should have been positive news was overshadowed by events that surrounded it.

Regardless of your political persuasion, there’s a clear message that businesses can learn from the recent events. From the outset, a clear and precise communications strategy should be formulated and implemented to ensure careful control of messages and opinion.

If circumstances change, which they can and often do, then procedures should also be in place to handle them effectively in a well-thought out manner.

Although it’s too late for Osborne this time, Warwickshire-based Red Marlin’s expertise in communication and strategy development, especially in the automotive sector, is available to businesses throughout the UK, who are in need of some expert guidance.

To discuss how Red Marlin can help develop and implement your communications and PR strategy, call us on 01926 333245, email or send a tweet to @RedMarlinUK.

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