First Contact Part 2

First contact Part 2

This is the second instalment from Red Marlin advising how to approach and handle the media.

If you missed the first part then take a look at:

Today’s insight centres on how trust and openness are to be embraced and not feared.


A good reputation can take years to build but seconds to destroy. This is the same in public relations as it is in any form of business.

Developing a level of trust with a journalist or editor is worth the effort, after all, don’t expect them to be your best buddy just because you’ve sent them what you think is an earth-shattering press release.

Making sure that your stories are newsworthy, factually correct, honest and interesting will stand you in good stead.

Over time, they will then know that when you do send them a press release that it will be worth looking at, instead of hitting the delete button!


Be prepared to deal with media enquiries openly and honestly. As highlighted before, the vast majority of the media are hard-working professionals just doing their best in a highly pressurised environment.

Make sure to respond to any media enquiries efficiently, even if that means you don’t have the information to hand. Just tell them that is the case and you will get back to them promptly.

If you do have the answers to their questions, then make sure that you are happy for any information you supply to be in the public domain and, also, that it has been approved internally by those who need to see it.

Remember, not all news is negative, just take a look in your local press to see how many positive stories there are.

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