World Cup

Don’t get ahead of yourself

After England’s 6-1 win over Panama in the World Cup last weekend the entire nation sang in a chorus of Baddiel and Skinners ’96 classic ‘Football’s coming home’.  “We’re going to win the big one for sure,” they claimed.

Now whilst I admit I am not the resident expert on the beautiful game here at Red Marlin, I do know that Panama is better known for their waterways than their football skills. I’d hate to call it an easy win but I think 6-1 speaks for itself.

Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade but we are a long way from winning the World Cup and reliving the celebrations of 1966. The country could take a firm lesson from the world of PR and set goals that build to your target, rather than crave for that final victory.

In public relations it is important to set targets, but then it is just as important to set reachable goals that eventually lead to that final success.

For example say our final goal was to gain 1,000 more Twitter followers. I would set out smaller more manageable targets that finally led to gaining those followers, this could include engaging in online communities, reaching out to partners and even paid for advertising. All of these are far smaller more manageable targets that help to build towards that final goal.

So in conclusion we need to focus on getting out of the group stages first, then through the last 16, the quarter finals and the semis, then finally on to the final. And then after that final whistle blows on the 2018 World Cup we can celebrate. Or more likely lose to Germany on penalties.

Come on England!

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