Has Audi gone too far?

In the past few weeks the new automotive giants Audi have revealed details of a plethora of new models which they hope will see them top the sales table ahead of the other premium manufacturers.

Spearheaded by plenty of new SUVs and Crossovers, new cars like the A9, Q2, Q8 plus new S and RS models will give buyers a bewildering array of choice and take the company’s line up to 60 by 2020!

This ambitious growth strategy appears to be working with sales rising fast. Audi sold 1,575,500 cars in 2013, up 8.3% on the previous year.

But will the strategy eventually back fire? Even we, a group of people who spend the day immersed in the automotive world, are beginning to find the current and future line up confusing, so how is the average buyer meant to understand what is on offer or indeed that Audi provide it? This could lead consumers to shop around elsewhere, not wanting to deal with the confusion and ultimately stress.

At the other end of the motoring scale, Dacia have proved that rapid growth and success can be had by providing a well- thought out and clearly focussed, yet smaller, offering.

The lesson to be learnt for other businesses is that not everyone can be all things to all men. Some businesses should keep their products or services clear and focussed, with the PR and marketing strategy reflecting this. Growth and success isn’t always about waves of new products.

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