Does your business need an automotive PR MoT?

Checking a car’s tyre pressures regularly and fluid levels will only get you so far, but there can be some hidden dangers, which is why our cars go through their MoTs every year – to thoroughly check their condition and make sure they are safe for the road.  

Similarly, taking the opportunity to inspect your business, at least once a year, allows you to take the opportunity to stand back and ask some fundamental questions as to how it operates. This includes a critical examination of your public relations strategy.

Do your competitors fare better than you when it comes to customer interaction? Have you had a tough time in the press? Overall, the biggest question is – does your company have a good reputation?  

Defining and understanding what your businesses future direction will help know which target media publications or demographics to target, and building or rebuilding a reputation. 

Whatever the fundamental considerations, Red Marlin can be your ‘mechanics’ and delve deep into your company to see what needs streamlining in your public relations activity, quickly ensuring that you get back on the road to future success. 

 If you’d like to discuss a PR MoT further, please call 01926 832395, or email

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