5 things you never knew about the Red Marlin team

We recently took on our newest team member, Danni, and when discussing her addition we discovered some very interesting facts about each other that we never knew. As a small and close team, we were surprised to discover that they had never come out in conversation before.

So, we decided to share our discoveries to shed a little more insight to the employees here at Red Marlin.

  1. To fire up the engines, we will be starting with our managing director, Danny. As a keen cyclist, it isn’t difficult to believe that Danny has always had an interest in sports, but it has recently come out that Danny once played for the 2016 Premier League champions, Leicester City FC. That’s right you read it here first, Danny played for the Leicester youth squad from the age of 13 to 15, before switching his interests to cycling. In cycling, Danny has also had an impressive career having cycled over 7,500 miles in the past three years.


  1. Although equally impressive, account manager Callum’s calling wasn’t in sport but in performing arts. Callum was in fact a child actor, but managed not to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and remained down to earth. Appearing in the TV show Party Animals, he was one of only a few children from Leamington Spa to star in show which sadly stopped airing in 2000. Despite not pursuing this as a career, Callum has lived up to the title of Party Animal.


  1. Similarly to Callum, account executive, Lucy also started out as an actress, although in a slightly more serious role. Lucy and her twin sister (yes she’s a twin, another fact you may not have known) were cast as Matilda Pitts in Vanity Fair, a television series that aired in 1987. Sadly however, the show was not picked up for a second series and, luckily for Red Marlin, Lucy’s acting career was cut short, despite her obvious natural talent.


  1. Unlike her colleagues PR administrator, Emily, doesn’t have any impressive stories from her youth, and her interesting fact comes from her family history. A direct relative of Emily, Captain Matthew Webb, was in fact the first man to have swum the English Channel without assistance. Webb was a swimmer and stunt man and following his fame from crossing the channel carried out a range of stunts which lead to his untimely death. We are sad to say however, Emily hasn’t followed in the footsteps of Webb and doesn’t have any impressive swimming accolades.


  1. Our newest recruit, Danielle, is an all-round sports star, having accomplished many competitive achievements. Not only has she competed in (and won!) a kick boxing competition, Danni has also come second in a white water kayaking slalom race and a ski slalom race. Alongside this Danni also regularly competes as a pole dancer and has completed a marathon in just over four hours. As if this wasn’t enough, in her spare time Danni is an avid allotment enthusiast, and has even met her gardening hero Alan Titchmarsh.


So there you have it, our team members are not only very capable PR practitioners but also have very interesting histories and hobbies, and have talents to impress even Simon Cowell. Let’s just hope they all stick to their day jobs and don’t try to pursue their obvious other career options.

For more information regarding the team drop us an email to or call 01926 832395.

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