How to jump start your automotive PR career

Red Marlin’s PR Administrator, Emily, gives her first impressions on what it takes to follow in her footsteps and start a career in automotive PR.

Know the industry

If you are interested in the automotive industry then it is important to be in the know. Knowing the product you are working with will impact on your ability to write about it.

If you have a genuine interest in the automotive industry, it will show not only in the standard of your work, but also your attitude at work and if you can show an initial interest, it will immediately impress employers and potential clients.

Be chatty

Working in PR you constantly have to liaise with clients, journalists and potentially external agencies and being personable is important when trying to make these contacts. So, if you don’t feel comfortable picking up the phone and talking to people, you need to get comfortable quickly. It isn’t all glamourous work and sometimes you might find the product more difficult to get coverage for and this is where being charming can help.

Network with journalists

Another reason that being so personable is important when working in PR is how vital networking with journalists is. Developing good relationships will help encourage media coverage of your press releases and could also lead to being invited to media events, expanding your industry contact list.

Have an online blog

Developing an online presence for yourself can be a great way to get noticed, and also showcase your writing ability and automotive knowledge. Keep the blog specific to the automotive industry and make it different from other blogs out there, showing off your creative side.

Build up your CV

Gaining work experience is invaluable nowadays, and if you get relevant work experience in the right sector, this will help make you stand out from the crowd for employer. Start by writing to all the major car manufactures or dealerships with marketing or PR departments and see if they are willing to take on work experience placements.

This will give you an insight of working in the automotive industry and also give you an opportunity to showcase your abilities.

Your CV should also be concise and specific; it is not relevant to note the paper round you did when you were 15. Keep it relevant and punchy.

Decide agency or in-house

Do you enjoy the fast paced work of agency, or building a brand in-house? That is a question you need to ask yourself before applying to any job as it will help you tailor your application to individual jobs, making you more appealing to employers.

Equally, it is important for your own development, because if you are not good at time management and juggling multiple different tasks, working in an agency probably isn’t for you. If you are unsure, give them both a go. Get experience in an agency and in an in-house marketing team to see which is more appropriate for you.

Improve your writing skills

A huge part of working in PR involves writing, whether it is press releases, blogs or a case study, writing is a necessary skill. With the competitive nature of the automotive industry, being able to write comprehensively and having technical knowledge, will place you on a higher stand than your possible competitors.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Write as often as you can and get it proof read by family, friends or educator and you will be able analyse where you could improve.

Don’t be afraid to be creative

Be confident enough to share your thoughts and ideas, as no idea is ever wrong and by presenting your ideas this shows you have the ability to come up with marketing and PR campaigns and are willing to work hard. No respectable employer will ever shut you down for having an idea.

All in all, working in PR and marketing is one of the most exciting careers you could pursue. With the constant advancements of media and the introduction of digital and social media it is a forever adapting role. Combine this with the constant growth of the automotive industry and you have a career that is constantly driving forward.

For more information about automotive PR, please contact the Red Marlin team by sending an email to or calling 01926 832395.

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