What to do when you’re all out of ideas

We’ve all had the dreaded writer’s block at some point, that moment when you just can’t think of what to say next (see our tips on beating it here). But what happens if you’ve no idea where to start? Every idea you come up with has either been done before or makes no sense. Where do you go for ideas? Well here are Red Marlin’s top tips for finding new inspiration.

Take a break
The old saying goes ‘a watched pot never boils’, and it’s the same with ideas. You could be thinking as hard as you can for something new to pop into your head, but it will never appear. Take a break, relax for a bit. Let your mind wander naturally and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Sometimes the best ideas come from doing nothing.

What’s going on in current events?
Take a look at the news or social media, is there anything you could comment on and tie into your business? Are there any trending hashtags you should be a part of? The best way to stay current is to keep up with the latest trends both inside and outside your industry.

Tweak old ideas
If you’ve completely drained the tank on fresh ideas, why not take a look back at your past work. Is there anything you could tweak to make it fresh and new, can you tie it in to current events or social media hashtags as previously mentioned. Has anything changed since the previous piece was published? Could you run a follow-up piece?

Think outside the box
What’s the craziest, most random idea you can think of? Now how can you tame that insane rocket powered unicorn of an idea to work for your current project? Cut parts out of it, add where needed and you could end up with exactly what you want. It’s like a sculptor starting with a huge rock and chipping away everything that isn’t a beautiful piece of art.

These are just a few of our methods for finding new ideas, if you would like more valuable PR tips please get in touch with one of the Red Marlin team.

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