Writers block

Beating the writer’s block

We all know the feeling. You’re working to a tight deadline, the client is breathing down your neck waiting for a press release you’re writing, and you have nothing. No matter what you try you can’t string the sentences together, nothing makes sense, your brain is empty. It’s like somebody has stolen your imagination, you have nothing to say. You have a writer’s worst nightmare, the dreaded writer’s block. Anybody who has written for a living knows this terrible feeling. So here are our tips to beat the writer’s block.

Take a break
When your brain is under stress it can often be difficult to focus on one task. Sometimes the best answer is to just take a break, there’s no point in battling through and producing subpar copy that you just have to go back to and change. Just taking five minutes to let your brain reset itself can work wonders.

Read something
You never know what may bring back that spark of imagination. So why not borrow other people’s imagination to give yourself a kick start. Reading allows you to not only distract yourself, allowing your brain to reset, but lets you take in other ideas. It can be a single word that sparks a fire of imagination.

Get someone else’s opinion
Getting someone to read what you have written can show you where you’re going wrong. It can set you in the right direction and make sure you keep on track with the purpose of a release / article. Even if you have nothing, hearing somebody else’s ideas can lead you in the right direction. It’s the equivalent of borrowing their imagination because yours isn’t working.

Set out a structure
Setting yourself a structure means you can focus on each section of your work separately, it gives you a direct focus to what you are writing. A structure will also mean you shouldn’t be repeating yourself throughout the release whilst also making sure you are covering everything you need to in the release. It makes sure you stick to a definitive beginning, middle and end for your press release / article.

These are just a few of our methods for beating writers block, if you would like more valuable PR tips please get in touch with one of the Red Marlin team.

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