Top free tools that should be helping drive your PR strategy

The best things in life are free, so sang Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, but what you didn’t realise is that they were actually singing about the different free tools that can help develop your PR strategy.

Well, perhaps they weren’t, but it is true that there are a variety of assets you can access for no cost that can provide key insights and data that could be crucial in your future public relations activity.

As well as these, just a little research can also uncover a goldmine of free information that can be used in addition to help strengthen your brand and connect with your audience.

Below are just a few examples which could help improve your PR results.


Leveraging Google Analytics for your PR strategy

The benefits of using Google Analytics should not be underestimated.

In a nutshell it shows you how your website is performing, good or bad, and from this you can decide your future direction, whether that’s to continue what you are doing or change course.

Within the key data it provides is (but there is much, much more besides this):

  • How visitors found your website
  • How many people visited your website
  • The location they came from
  • How long they stayed and what they looked at
  • Which links they clicked on
  • The most popular content, and much more


Harnessing Google Trends in PR

Ever wondered how often certain terms are searched over time or which keywords are trending right now? Enter Google Trends. This tool lets you gauge the popularity of search queries in Google. For PR, this means understanding what’s currently resonating with your audience. You can identify seasonal trends, geographic popularity, and even see related queries to further refine your content.


Freepik: Amplifying PR Visuals

Visuals are integral to any PR strategy, especially when it’s about capturing attention in an instant. Freepik offers a vast repository of high-quality graphics, illustrations, and images. Whether you’re looking for an infographic to bolster your press release or eye-catching visuals for your social media posts, Freepik has you covered. And the best part? While they do offer premium assets, a significant portion is available for free.


Keywords are key

With SEO as king, using keywords is another way to help boost your website up Google rankings and build a higher profile.

Therefore, creating pages and content with the right words can pay dividends.

In essence, keywords are the words that people would type in when searching for your type of business.

Therefore, if you are a plumber, you would probably include plumber, plumbing, plumbing services, emergency plumber, 24-hour plumbing service, etc, while also remembering some of the more specific services you offer such as toiler repair, boiler servicing, boiler repairs.

However, the skill is to build useful and informative content around these keywords instead of simply ramming them in without thought. Write for people and the algorithm will reward it.


The role of long-tail keywords in SEO

Meanwhile, long-tail keywords are also a great way to increase SEO, some argue they are even more important than short-tail keywords, and are typically longer, possibly five words or more, so contain more detail and can be even more specific in detailing the product or service you offer.

For example, a travel agency could benefit from long-tail SEO keywords by using phrases such as:

“All-inclusive family resorts in Bahamas”

“Best honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia”

“Guided tours of European historical sites”

“Affordable backpacking trips in South America”

“Adventure travel packages for New Zealand”


Exploring editorial calendars

While the above examples deal primarily with online opportunities, this final example is more traditional in its approach, although still involves some online research.

Many B2B publications and websites provide an editorial calendar highlighting their forward features for the coming year.

Providing editorial for these features is almost always free of charge and should your submission be interesting and topical, provided with good quality imagery, then you stand a decent chance of being included.


Red Marlin: Your PR experts

If you’re pressed for time or need seasoned guidance, rely on PR specialists at Red Marlin. With our track record and strategic prowess, we’re here to amplify your PR efforts. Drop us an email at, and let’s take your strategy to the next level.

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