The first fully electric Jaguar has an outstanding road presence, but is also one of the most advanced

My £50k garage… Harriet Evans

Spending £50,000 in my imaginary garage has been a head versus heart decision.  

Thinking practically, and environmentally, I would go for an electric vehicle (EV) – ideally a low mileage, ’21 model year Jaguar I-PACE (in Aruba if I get to be picky). The I-PACE was the first EV I ever drove, and it was just incredible. It had great acceleration, it was spacious, and it was so much fun to drive – although it did take a minute to get used to the regenerative braking – I found it more like a segway than a car at first, so it was a slightly jumpy ride for a few metres.  

It is also a stunning-looking car, and from working in the engineering department at Jaguar Land Rover when it was first launched, I have such an appreciation for the technology and innovation that went into Jag’s first BEV – and I’ve wanted one ever since. 

I’m ambitiously planning that I can get this for under £50,000 in my fictional garage, so I’m hoping there will be some left over for a not-so-practical option of a second-hand car that has always turned my head – a Mazda MX-5. I have always wanted a two-seater sports car, and this little Mazda is consistently on my radar – both for its gorgeous looks, and for its strong reputation on the road. If I can shop around, I would ideally want the hard-top convertible, as I’ve heard driving on the motorway in certain soft-tops can be like having a hairdryer in your ear – but as I said, this is not supposed to be a practical option. 

Mazda MX5

Practical it isn’t – The Mazda MX5 is one of the most engaging cars to drive on a British B road


Jaguar I-PACE

The first fully electric Jaguar has an outstanding road presence, but is also one of the most advanced

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