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There’s no hidden agenda in effective communications

Really useful PR can be as much about a subtle approach that takes time to be different as that of generating an immediate big bang having had serious amounts of cash thrown at it.

Everyone wants their voice to be heard above the noise but often high-profile, short-term exposure needs to be complimented with a long-term strategic approach, with intelligent, thought provoking content. How these messages can be transmitted is greater now than ever before.

Daily tweets and blogs present a vital opportunity to actively engage with a receptive audience which can be nurtured over time, proving that it isn’t always necessary to launch a new product or service with an extravagant and expensive stunt.

Managing an audience’s expectations is also key to a successful campaign. The proverb – under-promise and over-deliver – is often used in the PR industry but the same could be said for nearly all business sectors.

As well as employing social media, the traditional print and broadcast media still provide a plethora of opportunities.

Rightly or wrongly it cannot be ignored and should at the very least be examined to see if it reaches potential customers.

Living in an age with so many forms of communication can appear daunting, but by planning ahead and prioritising audiences, whether it’s a an avid Tweeter or a regional newspaper reader, will pay dividends

In all cases though, the subtle and out-of-the-ordinary approach can pay off. The message shouldn’t be lost but teased out, making the audience keen to come back for more. Hidden messages can indeed have a ripple effect. There’s no big splash but the end result can be the same.

Nothing is certain but with ever more intelligent audiences it still holds true that anything innovative and different can work. It needn’t be obvious or expensive, just something a little bit out of the ordinary, such as starting each paragraph with a letter that builds up your company name, like in this blog!


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