How to maximise your presence at motor shows

The Geneva Motor show begins later this week and is one of the prime locations for companies to exhibit their new products, from small parts manufacturers all the way up to the latest high tech hyper cars of the future. With international motor shows such as Geneva it can be easy to be swept up in the occasion and completely lose track of your main aims at the show, so Red Marlin have put together a few top tips to maximise your experience at motor shows.

Advertise your presence beforehand
With large motor shows such as Geneva you can easily be lost within the huge crowd of companies and journalists attending, so it is incredibly important to advertise your presence before the show. Whether you are an exhibitor or a journalist, letting key people know you are attending can make setting up interviews and demonstrations much easier.

Consistent social media throughout the show
Keeping your social media active throughout events not only promotes your presence at the show but helps you network with fellow companies and journalists at the show. A journalist may see your stand on social media and realise it’s something they’ve missed on the crowded show floor.

Talk to people
One of the key things people miss out on at motor shows is the chance to talk to people. It is a rare opportunity to have buyers, sellers, advertisers and journalists all in the same place. Motor shows are not only a fantastic place for networking but an amazing place to learn about what is going on in the industry from fellow industry insiders.

Set an itinerary
It’s important you plan your days out in advance for a major motor show. This gives you direction as to what you are doing and when but also gives you set times for breaks and time to relax as motor shows can get very hectic and stressful. It’s also key to keep your itinerary very loose as you will inevitably get distracted by a conversation or by a particular exhibit at the show.

Take photos
Take as many photos as possible, more than you could possibly need. These images can be used for social media, press releases, even news articles. You never know what you will need in the future so take as many as possible.

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