Motorsport season: racing ahead in marketing

When we think of motorsport most of us think of Formula 1, which is no suprise when it has a global audience of 1.3 billion. It’s this vast fan base that makes Formula 1 a valuable platform for advertising and this is why, when we think about ‘F1’, many of us naturally think of Red Bull, Martini, Rolex, Shell, Marlboro (the list goes on).

However, motorsport is not just about Formula 1. It’s rallying, superbikes, truck racing and even drone racing! And of course, there are many ways to achieve exposure for brands by employing effective PR and marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples that we’re looking forward to seeing more of in 2019:


Smokehead whisky and Ducati

Islay single malt Smokehead has teamed up with motorbike engineer Tyler Lunceford to create a custom Ducati motorcycle. Tyler has been tasked to create his “boldest motorcycle ever”, which will be inspired by vintage racing motorbikes. The project will run until September 2019 when the finished model, The Smoker, will be unleashed.


Drone Racing League (DRL) and Allianz

Yes, technically drone racing is motorsport too. The Drone Racing League is a professional sport featuring pilots flying high-performance drones racing over one-of-a-kind courses. Listed in Marketing Week’s 100 Disruptive Brands, DRL has moved from a niche sport into the mainstream through broadcast partnerships with ESPN, Sky Sports, ProSieben, OSN, Disney XD, Swatch and global insurers Allianz.


Yokohama tyres and the Silverstone Classic

Yokohama tyres is currently in its second year at the official tyre partner of the Silverstone Classic festival. With the tyre brand’s long history of producing tyres for use in competitive motorsport, the partnership allows Yokohama to raise UK brand awareness as well as exhibit and promote its full products range, from hobby tyres to tyres for premium sports cars, SUVs and crossovers, classics and commercial vehicles.


Walero and its brand ambassadors

Pioneering race-wear brand, Walero, which supplies racing drivers with technologically advanced apparel, has selected a number of brand ambassadors to market its product line.

From World Endurance Champion Ben Barker to British Drifting Championship competitor Kirsty Widdrington, the brand ambassadors promote the products via their social media channels, while Walero reports its ambassador’s racing season news on its website.

Walero has also teamed up with Cobra Motorsports to create one of the most technologically advanced, performance race seats in today’s market.

Highland Park and David Coulthard

Highland Park whisky has partnered with former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard to produce two limited edition whiskies set to raise money for Scottish charities.

Whisky and racing appear, at first, to be an unlikely pairing, but F1’s ongoing partnerships with whisky brands has secured more than 14 million pledges never to drink and drive over the last 10 years through its global #JoinThePact programme.


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