How much does PR cost?

It’s a question we’re asked by companies big and small; how much does PR actually cost?

The answer isn’t always straightforward. Defining what PR and marketing is needed may not always be clear to you, and there are all sorts of services and functions that an agency could offer to grow your business. Whether it’s press releases, media relations, social media or brand development, there isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a set price on services.

An off the shelf package may be useful, but may not necessarily target the areas you are specifically looking to invest in or what your business needs.

At Red Marlin we discuss all options with you and produce bespoke PR solutions based on the current position of your business and the strategic aims you want to achieve.

Red Marlin strategy

For example, do you have a product but sales are low? PR can help you engage with customers, increase footfall, create awareness and build your brand.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness, but don’t want to fork out thousands on advertising? Good media relations can put your brand in the pages of a magazine without the hard sell approach, and at a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Do you need to improve online engagement, but you don’t know how to achieve this? An agency can develop a full strategy to target new customers online.

.. And much more!

We’ve worked with a variety of clients and helped them in very different ways. You can see examples of our work and diversity of approaches, from creating the most successful UK classic car auction Facebook page, launching a new sub-brand, and taking our clients to the screens of national television.

results samples

So how much does it cost to achieve these results? The answer is different for each business. We will never sell you a service that’s unnecessary, but instead put together a strategic, cost effective plan that will achieve your aims.

PR should be seen as an investment rather than a cost, as achieving a good return on investment will be directly built into the strategy and target results. You may even have to ask yourself, what would the cost be of not doing any PR?

If you’d like to discuss how PR could benefit your business and explore the different services and methods we have to offer, please feel free to call us on 01926 832395 and speak to a member of staff.


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