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Diamon-Fusion sees the road ahead with Red Marlin

Diamon-Fusion UK, the exclusive UK distributor of a patented nano-technology automotive windscreen treatment, is calling on Red Marlin’s ‘clear’ communications thinking to help it launch the revolutionary product in this country.

Although the Diamon-Fusion treatment is already popular with overseas motorists, especially in the United States and Canada, it has only just arrived in the UK.

Red Marlin, a specialist automotive public relations and communications agency based in Leamington Spa, will embark on a high-profile campaign to help bring it to market and highlight the many benefits it offers, to both dealerships and drivers.

For dealerships, Red Marlin will focus on how it will act as a key customer revenue and retention tool thanks its ability to be packaged into a number of innovative aftersales products.

Meanwhile, for motorists its many benefits will be highlighted, such as increasing visibility by up to 30 per cent, reducing night time glare by 25 per cent, all which help improve driver reaction times and with it safety. What’s more Diamon-Fusion also makes windscreens more resistant to chips and eradicates frosty glass on cold mornings.

Nathan Curzons, director at Warwick-based Diamon-Fusion UK, said: “We have a fantastic product which makes driving safer but the fact that it is entirely new to this country presents its own challenges.

“Chief among these is developing a retail distribution network so that more and more motorists can benefit from the treatment. And it is the automotive aspect of Red Marlin’s public relations expertise that particularly appealed to us as it has influential contacts within the motor trade, associated press and wider consumer publications.”

Red Marlin has experience working for a variety of organisations within the motor industry and related sectors and specialises in communication and strategy development, press releases, social media, website content and event organisation.

Danny Rughoobeer, managing director, Red Marlin, said: “Although we are experts in automotive public relations that doesn’t mean our communications activity for Diamon-Fusion will be restricted to this sector.

“We will also be looking at more creative ways to raise the profile at local, regional and national level of this incredible treatment so that drivers benefit from its safety enhancing features.”

For more information about Diamon-Fusion visit To find out more about how Red Marlin can help your business, call us on 01926 333245, email or send a Tweet to @RedMarlinUK.

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