Clean air day

Clean Air Day – Simple ways to reduce air pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. While a large part of air pollution comes from industries and companies that are outside of our control, we can all play our part as individuals to reduce our environmental impact.

Below are a few simple steps we can take to tackle air pollution, ensuring we can all breathe easy.

Reduce vehicle usage

Reducing your vehicle usage is one of the easiest ways to lower air pollution. Many people may have already taken significant steps here through increased working from home or other flexible working arrangements.

Where possible, public transport is a good alternative and may even be cheaper than using your vehicle. Travelling on public transport once, or even twice a week, can have a positive impact on the environment, while also reducing the number of vehicles on the road and your fuel bill.

Walk, cycle, stay local

With the summer months and nicer weather upon us, walking and cycling is a great way to help combat air pollution. Not only will you help reduce congestion and air pollution in your local area but including some physical activity into your daily routine can boost both your mood and physical well-being.

Staying close to home and supporting local businesses is also a good way to reduce air pollution levels. If you need to travel further, combine your trips, buy in bulk, and consider public transport where possible.

 Evaluate alternatives

While it can be beneficial to reduce your vehicle usage, it is not always possible or practical – depending upon your personal situation.

Ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained and serviced regularly is highly recommended, as this not only saves you thousands of pounds in the long run on hefty mechanical bills, but ensures your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Even checking your tyre pressures can reduce the amount of pollution your vehicle emits, with underinflated tyres increasing both tyre wear and fuel consumption.

When in the market for a new vehicle, consider all your options. Do you still need to run a diesel car? Could a petrol or a hybrid vehicle be a viable option? Maybe consider making the switch to an electric vehicle, as this can help you reduce both your environmental impact and air pollution.


Even the smallest of changes can help you reduce your environmental impact in your local area, with some changes such as taking public transport, working from home, or even walking and cycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint, and even save money in the process.


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