Over the past few years the classic car market, and the prices paid for cars at auction, have hit new heights.

We’ve experienced the market explosion first hand through our work with Warwickshire based Silverstone Auctions. It’s been fantastic to see the excitement for the news stories we place in the automotive and classic car press, with journalists, as well as readers, seeming keen for ever more interesting stories relating the industry.

But it’s not just auction houses or dealers that should be benefitting from this growth. Like any industry the trickle-down effect is now taking place and so restorers, hire companies, clubs and specialist parts suppliers should ramp up their PR and marketing efforts.

Despite the growth in the market place it’s no time to rest on your laurels and now is the time to take advantage of the high interest in classics and shout louder than the competition. Are you talking to the media? Have you set up social media accounts? Are you producing blogs and e-newsletters to let customers know what your business has to offer? These activities may take time but they’re vital if your business is to stand out from the crowd and help your business grow.  

If you want to find out how our PR and marketing campaigns could put your classic car business in the spotlight call us on 01926 832395 or email us hello@redmarlin.co.uk.