Why PR matters in tough times

With the recent gloomy economic forecasts, it might be tempting to cut overheads and budgets in areas such as marketing, PR and communications. But can you really afford to lose your voice when your competitors are shouting louder and fighting harder than ever to get your business?

If experience from previous economic downturns has taught us anything, it would appear to be that those who are the bravest stand the best chance of doing well.

And this is where a sustained, or increased, level of marketing and PR activity can pay dividends. It’s a time to raise your profile in a cost-effective manner, so that you ride out the hard times and are in a strong position to do well when the upturn begins.

Not only this, when there is little good news about, portraying your business in a positive light is a message you need to spread to as many people as possible.

Also, now is a time when lots of customers are closed to overt or direct selling and are waiting to see what’s around the corner. However, the proven power of PR and an integrated campaign which spans online, digital, print and broadcast, could be the way to engage effectively with prospective new customers and markets.

If you do decide to be bold and continue to invest in ongoing PR and marketing activities, make sure it works for your business. Any activities should make a clear strategic impact on your business and the effects must be evaluated properly.

Don’t accept an off-the-shelf proposal from an agency with little experience in your sector. Such oversights could leave questioning the wisdom and return from your hard-earned investment.

But with your a little bravery and the support of a trusted advisor, your company should soon be making the headlines for the right reasons.


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