What are the big trends that will shape 2019

What are the big trends that will shape 2019?

2019 will be a momentous year, not least because of Brexit. While this subject will no doubt dominate the headlines, Red Marlin is looking into its crystal ball to predict three other big trends that will shape the year ahead, some of which might almost go unnoticed but could have a very real impact on your daily life.


Voice recognition is still relatively in its infancy. While many have experience using Alexa and Echo Dot, it’s in the world of marketing and advertising where this fast-moving technology will boom.

There are plenty of statistics which already show the importance of voice searches on mobile devices in particular, so advertisers and marketers will need to hone their skills in understanding how consumers are trying to find them using this facility.

As people grow more-and-more comfortable using voice technology, businesses cannot ignore this flourishing channel.


Fewer people will buy a new car but opt for leasing instead, perhaps swayed by the possible economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Indeed, figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show a significant 6.8 per cent drop in new car sales in 2018, possibly indicating that people are already reluctant to invest in a new car.

Compare this to leasing, with one leading provider reporting a 58 per cent increase in sales in 2018 over the previous year, as consumers increasingly want to avoid spending big money on a purchase.


Remote working allows employees the flexibility to spend more time out of the office and with a shifting priority in employment patterns, such as the rise of the gig economy, means that employers will have to adapt their work procedures to keep their most talented staff.

Modern technology means that employees are fully connected to the office and with research suggesting that many employees would prefer flexible working over a pay rise, it would indicate that it is a work practice that can only increase.


These are our predictions of a few big trends for the coming year, so come the end of December it will be interesting to see how these progressed.

Red Marlin would love to hear what you think are the big trends for 2019. Drop us a line at

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