Is the traditional print press really dead?

Is the traditional print press really dead?

Far from it and here’s why.

People tend to trust what they see much more in print than what they read on-line, which can be edited or erased within seconds (easy come, easy go!).

Additionally, print has a longevity and while it most certainly doesn’t have a flawless reputation, people still appear to have more confidence in it.

But that’s just part of the case in favour of print.

While some love the thought of the launch of the latest iPad, for most technological change is less appealing. Print has had the longest shelf life of any media format and people don’t want to let go, perhaps they never will.

Still need convincing?

While prices for electronic reading devices have fallen massively in recent years, in reality they remain relatively expensive, out of reach for some, which means the first place they still turn to for the latest news is a printed newspaper.

And despite challenging circulation figures, over 50 per cent of people still read the ‘local rag’ which is held in high esteem by many, possibly for the diversity of stories that are typically covered, from the latest court cases to 50th wedding anniversaries and anything in between.

Indeed, think of your home town and the local newspaper is possibly one of the names synonymous with it – for Brighton it’s The Argus, for Southampton it’s the Echo, and so on.

Last but by no means least, people like something tangible they can hold. True, Kindle and the like are very impressive, but they’ll never beat the pleasure of leafing through a glossy mag or tabloid newspaper.

These are just a few arguments in favour of the printed press but truth be said, there’s plenty of room for both print and electronic messaging.

Where do you stand? Are you passionate about print or switched on to electronic messaging forms? Do you think there’s room for both. Let us know.

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